Types of Garage Door Sensors

Types of Garage Door Sensors

There are various types of sensors involved in the proper functioning of a garage door. These sensors work under different mechanism whereby infrared signals is the primary mechanism. There are major four types of garage door sensors. These sensors include safety sensors, monitoring sensors, pressure sensors and Carbon dioxide sensors. These sensors have different purpose and functionality. The following is a brief description of each of these garage door sensors.

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are used to prevent the garage door from closing on people, pets, cars, bikes and any other thing that moves in and out of the garage. They are hooked on the rails on both sides of the garage door and make use of infrared signals.

Monitoring Sensors

Monitoring sensors are used in homes that have more than one garage door. Their purpose is to notify the homeowner of whether the garage door is open. Some types of sensors can automatically shut an open garage door after a specified set time duration. These sensors offer extra safety since they prevent intruders from accessing your home.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are usually fixed on the bottom edge of the door. They are used to sense the changes in pressure when the garage door is closing. These sensors change the garage door direction whenever they detect a change in pressure. They also help in preventing the door from closing on items and people underneath.

Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Carbon dioxide sensors are used to measure the carbon dioxide level inside the garage. They work continuously and monitor the levels of toxic gas inside the garage and check if they are hazardous. They are not commonly used but can help in safety guarantee to your people and pets.

You should always repair or replace your garage door sensors whenever an issue arises. They are very critical when it comes to the proper functioning of the garage doors. Call now for garage door repair Waltham MA

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